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Elwatheq General Trading

Elwatheq General Trading

About US

           Elwatheq General Trading located in 11 Al Feehah St – MBZ City - Mussafah Community – Abu Dhabi – U.A.E has an exciting story to be shared a remarkable and inspiring business success story envisioned the massive demand for food supplies, especially with regards to the developmental strides experienced in the region, which attracted the influx of visitors to the UAE.

He initially established Elwatheq General Trading company that took care of the culinary needs of the expatriates in the U.A.E and ensured that visitors received food options that are better than what is offered in their home countries.

The effect of diversification saw the introduction of new product ranges such as dry foods, frozen foods, canned foods, beverages, plastics and disposables, footwear, and other high-demand products.

The Company has since grown into one of the United Arab Emirates leading groups with successful businesses in various industries in different markets serving thousands of customers every day.

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Elwatheq General Trading
11 Al Feehah St - MBZ City
Mussafah Community - Abu Dhabi - U.A.E
Mob: +971 505423737

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