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Habiba Abya Galabia

Habiba Abya Galabia

About US

           Habiba Abya Galabia is located at 793 Al Anwar St - MBZ City - Z20 - Abu Dhabi – U.A.E. The Abaya in the gulf region is a far cry from the classic black cloak in the past. The Abaya has evolved in recent years an Abaya has proudly reinvented a modern approach towards the Abaya fashion. Having enjoyed the patronage of thousands of customers, Abaya as a brand has been consistently delivering high-quality Abaya and Sheila to its customers for the past three decades and has enjoyed phenomenal success which is attributed to its unique and exclusive designs. Further reinforcing its position as a pioneer in the haute couture industry, Abaya products represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship and are unsurpassed for their quality and attention to detail. The Abaya luxury line extends to the informal wardrobe with the perfect blend of practicality and elegance that characterizes made-to-measure garments.

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Habiba Abya Galabia
Building No 256, Shabiya 12
793 Al Anwar St - MBZ City 
Z20 - Abu Dhabi - U.A.E
Mob: +971 562422346
Mob: +971 562470715

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