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Shotokan Karate Centre

Shotokan Karate Centre

About US

          Shotokan Karate Centre located at 18 Al Ithmid St - Mohamed Bin Zayed City - Mussafah Community - Abu Dhabi – U.A.E. We also provide training in kickboxing, yoga, self-def.-fence and fitness classes. In karate, we teach the syllabus of Shotokan karate on behalf of WSKF. We follow the supreme Sensei HITOSHI KASUYA of japan who is the world chief of WSKF. We provide good quality training under international instructors. We teach the very traditional karate that we learned directly from its very own origin. We also provide a sports version of karate which is recognized by the world karate federation. Children will develop discipline and coordination skills in an exciting learning environment. Youth build focus, self-esteem, and leadership skills through our professionally designed curriculum. Adults are empowered in their fitness goals while learning self-defense. Whether a preschool child needs to begin improving social skills or a teen dreams of success at national and international competitions, our professional black belt instructors will help students achieve these goals.

Contact Us

Shotokan Karate Centre
C 66, Shabiya 10 Musaffah
18 Al Ithmid St - MBZ City -
Mussafah Community - Abu Dhabi - U.A.E
Mob: +971 501664769
Lan: +971 2 5501878

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